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Epson Printer is not printing in black ink

Epson Printer is not printing in Black Ink

Epson printers are known for their amazing performance and unmatched quality of prints. People use Epson Printers for both Personal and Professional usage. Sometimes while workingproperly an issue gets created in Epson printers and that is ‘it won’t Print Black Ink’.

There are several reasons that cause this problem. Here in this article, we have mentioned all the reasons that create this error in Epson printer setup and lead consumers to ask for Epson printer help.

Reasons cause Epson Printer Won’t Print Black Ink

Most of the Epson Printers have a built-in high-quality print head. But after a specific period of usage, it becomes essential to change the original Epson printer head with a compatible Print head.

Replacement of Printhead sometimes leads to this problem that Epson Printer Won’t Print Black Ink. Another reason that leads to this problem is the blockage created in the nozzles of the print head. These nozzles cannot be removed by repeating the usual cleaning cycle.

Before the Ink level diminishes, the printer starts showing the Warning message that the Ink level is low. Sometimes people ignore this issue and wait till the moment Ink Cartage becomes empty. It causes the printer failure in printing. Once the ink level starts falling down, the nozzles get filled with air and block the ink flow.

Steps to clean out Epson Print head Errors in Your Printer

There are some easy steps that one can take to clean out the Epson Print head Errors:

  • First of all Switch off the printer
  • Dip sponge in the Windex solution or distilled water and use it to suck the excess print head ink.
  • Run the cleaning cycle and try to unlock the printer lever. Once the position of the print head unblocks, move the print head assembly of your printer back and forth. Push it towards the right direction.
  • Once the above-given step is completed, again follow the cleaning procedure.
  • Thereafter, keep your Epson Printer at rest and then turn the switch on.
  • Clean the print head using towels and move the print head assembly back to its resting position.

Measures to Prevent Epson Printer from Above given problem :

Along with the solution here we are stating some measures that you can take to prevent your Epson Printer from such issue:

  • Three Cleaning Cycles are enough, Do not run the cleaning cycle again and again.
  • Turn off your printer after use to avoid “mini-cleaning cycle.”
  • Do not let the Printer Unemployed for more than 05 days. Print some pages at least once a week. This will prevent the ink from getting dry.
  • Use Genuine and High-Quality Ink Cartridges.

Epson Printer Support Number

After following the above-given instructions, you will definitely be able to solve the problem on your own but still, if the problem persists you can contact the Epson printer support by dialing the Epson printer support phone number.

The Epson Printer Support Number is toll-free. After dialing the Epson printer help desk number, you will get the solution of your problem in real time. To get the help regarding Epson printer setup, you need to dial Epson printer support phone number i.e. +1-877-896-2555.